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Death & Immortality V: Responses to the Death of a Loved One

Download today's service here: Death & Immortality V: Responses to the Death of a Loved One


  1. Kids4Truth Club, Wednesday, 6:30 - 8 PM
  2. Youth Group, Thursday, 6:30 - 8 PM
  3. National Geographic movie in IMAX at Cosmposphere. Trailer at Cost is $6.50 - $8.50, depending on age and how many will be going. April 13th.
  4. Elders' Meeting, after Bible Club (8:10 or so), on Mar 5th
  5. Joyce Brookings birthday party


  1. Emily & Greg, car wreck, other families/victims: physical, spiritual, emotional well-being
  2. Izzy's back
  3. Pastoral search, launching again
  4. Glenda Johnson's husband, stroke, ICU, not doing well
  5. Jenni's parents, mom's home, feeling better, father with dementia issues
  6. Dennis Kluff, in his search for a pastor's position
  7. Cameron, 8 yo, having surgery, has 3 holes in heart
  8. Holly Freisen's safety and the Ukraine
  9. Carry Ziemann, dying
  10. Nancy Wittmere family, husband Bill, son Clay had strokes a few years ago


  1. Greg & Emily were not hurt worse
  2. Harold's hemoglobin up