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My Friends Are Wrong. Do I Tell Them?

You may download today's message here: My Friends Are Wrong. Do I Tell Them?


  1. Men's Group Tuesday Tuesday at 7PM here
  2. Children's Bible Club, nothing for Spring Break
  3. Youth Group Thursday nights at 6:30 PM: Nothing for Spring Break
  4. Men's Breakfast, Second Saturday of each month, Apr 11th at 7am.
  5. Women's Meeting: Thursday March 26, 6:30 PM at Cindy's House.


  1. Janet Schanbacher in hospital
  2. Lacey Crane's father in hospital
  3. Baby Liam and family
  4. Missions to Kurdish people and Iraq
  5. Defeat of terrorism and persecution of Christians
  6. Carrie Couch - Friend of Andrea. Stage 3 breast cancer & brain tumor removed
  7. Hannah Clark - Chrystal Green's daughter, Stage 4 cancer of soft tissue, connective tiussue, bone. Cancer came back in Aug 2014 after being in remission for 1 year.
  8. Katlin - granddaughter of Harold and Janet. Having seizures. Tests in March.
  9. Family of young man, Kevin Botkins, from Udall killed in accident on motorcycle ride
  10. Pray for our Military around the world.
  11. Our government and the people of the souls of the nation