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You may download today's message here: Betrayel


  1. Singsperation tonight at 7 PM at Four Square Church
  2. This week is Holy Week
  3. Maundy Thursday, 7PM in basement
  4. Son-Rise Service, 6:45 am
  5. Men's Group Tuesday Tuesday at 7PM here
  6. Children's Bible Club, at 6:30 PM here
  7. Youth Group Thursday nights at 6:30 PM
  8. Men's Breakfast, Second Saturday of each month, Apr 11th at 7am.
  9. Women's Meeting: Thursday March 26, 6:30 PM at Cindy's House.


  1. Janet Schanbacher in hospital
  2. Baby Liam and family
  3. Missions to Kurdish people and Iraq
  4. Defeat of terrorism and persecution of Christians
  5. Carrie Couch - Friend of Andrea. Stage 3 breast cancer & brain tumor removed
  6. Hannah Clark - Chrystal Green's daughter, Stage 4 cancer of soft tissue, connective tiussue, bone. Cancer came back in Aug 2014 after being in remission for 1 year.
  7. Katlin - granddaughter of Harold and Janet. Having seizures. Tests in March.
  8. Pray for our Military around the world.
  9. Our government and the people of the souls of the nation