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The Pebble Plan

You may download today's message here: The Pebble Plan


  1. Men's Group Tuesday Tuesday at 7PM here
  2. VBS - May 25-29
  3. Children's Camp: July 6th-10th


  1. Defeat of terrorism and persecution of Christians
  2. Carrie Couch - Friend of Andrea. Stage 3 breast cancer & brain tumor removed
  3. Katlin - granddaughter of Harold and Janet. Having seizures. Tests in March.
  4. Pray for our Military around the world.
  5. Our government and the souls of the nation
  6. VBS - May 25-29
  7. Children's Camp: July 6th-10th
  8. Cooper Hewitt, born three months early, has infection
  9. Dennis' recovery from surgery
  10. Dennis' mother surgery
  11. Janet recovery from surgery
  12. Janey, in AZ, passed away. Prayers for family
  13. Theresa Burley, prayers for cancer concerns
  14. Jim, Donna's cousin, found cancer
  15. Mark's niece, born with complications, passed away recently. One year old



1. Rain!