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Message from Dennis Clough - 3/16/14

You may download today's message here: Dennis Clough Message


  1. No Kids4Truth this week
  2. No Youth Group this week
  3. Pulpit Committee meeting after church next Sunday
  4. Kimberly & Kristen here next week.  Quarterly offering
  5. Need to start a consisten nursery schedule to take care of the little kids during the sermon. You would go down with the kids when they go to children's church
  6. Journey to the Cross devotional book
  7. Joyce Brookings 85th birthday, March 16; party from 2 to 4pm at the Udall Community Building.
  8. National Geographic movie in IMAX at Cosmposphere. Trailer at Cost is $6.50 - $8.50, depending on age and how many will be going. April 13th.


  1. Jenni's mom went to hospital for fainting
  2. Emily and Greg's continued healing
  3. Izzy, testing related to scoliosis
  4. Boy who died in car wreck's family
  5. Lady who Steve knows broke neck, will need to wear brace rest of life


  1. That Emily and Greg are doing so well after the wreck.