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Mariposa Ministries Presentation - March 23, 2014

You may download today's message here: Mariposa Ministries Presentation


  1. Kids4Truth this week Wednesday at 6:30PM
  2. Youth Group this week Thursday at 6:30 PM
  3. Pulpit Committee meeting after church this Sunday
  4. Kimberly & Kristen here this week.  Quarterly offering
  5. Barbara Ward birthday today between 2 and 6.  Come and go. Visit Kristen and Kimberly.
  6. Holly Friesen has been evacuated from Ukraine to Slovokia for the time being, until they see what will happen in Odessa, Ukraine where she is serving. All ABWE missionaries were evacuated.
  7. National Geographic movie in IMAX at Cosmposphere. Trailer at Cost is $6.50 - $8.50, depending on age and how many will be going. April 13th.


  1. Holly Friesen, other Ukraine missionaries
  2. Jenny's mom
  3. Jenny, potassium problem
  4. Emily's continued healing
  5. Mike Low, had heart attack a few months ago, artery from leg transplanted to heart is infected
  6. Jenny's cousin having heart problems: artifical valve, blood clot


  1. Jason Burley here