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Death & Immortality VIII: The Intermediate State

You may download today's message here: Death And Immortality VIII: The Intermediate State


  1. Kids4Truth this week Wednesday at 6:30PM
  2. Youth Group, Persecuted Church and BBQ, Saturday, April 26th, 6PM, starting at Steve's house
  3. Pulpit Committee and Elders' meetings after Bible Club
  4. National Geographic movie in IMAX at Cosmposphere. Trailer at Cost is $6.50 - $8.50, depending on age and how many will be going. April 13th.
  5. Continue Journey to the Cross book
  6. Future planning: Maundy Thursday, April 17th;
  7. Sunrise Service and Breakfast, Easter Service, April 20th, No Sunday School, Worship Service starting at 10:30 AM; If you'd like to do a special (song, reading, etc) let Steve know by Thursday night
  8. VBS, May 19-23rd; Parent's Night for Kids4Truth Club, April 30th
  9. We will take offering for Camp for Kids who cannot afford all the money, just as we do every year. Last year we collected and used $800, and Steve thinks we may need more this year. Consider what you would like to give to help kids get to camp. Sent 15 kids next year
  10. Business meeting and vote today. 


  1. Holly Friesen, other Ukraine missionaries
  2. Business meeting and vote today
  3. Easter Services next week
  4. For those who don't know Christ, to see Him for who He is, and come to Him for salvation
  5. Elmer Howard having surgery for cancer on 21st
  6. Lindsey's mother's friend has breast cancer