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Looking Backward, Looking Forward

You may download today's message here: Looking Backward, Looking Forward


  1. Dennis Clough begins pastoring next week
  2. Kids4Truth this week Wednesday at 6:30PM, Parents' Night this week; Offering today for camp
  3. VBS, May 19-23rd; Parent's Night for Kids4Truth Club, April 30th
  4. We will take offering for Camp for Kids who cannot afford all the money, just as we do every year. Last year we collected and used $800, and Steve thinks we may need more this year. Consider what you would like to give to help kids get to camp. Sent 15 kids next year
  5. Elders Meeting after Bible Club this week
  6. 2 PM, Amy's baby shower at community center


  1. Steve and Barb's future plans
  2. Camp, kids, and plans
  3. VBS
  4. Bob Cox, coworker with Marilyn, passed away April 18th.  Leaves couple daughters behind.  Please pray for them.
  5. Pray for three different people for three different jobs, request from Barb D


  1. Dennis and Cindy Clough
  2. Kids going to camp
  3. Successful persecuted church event last night