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God's Invitation to Salvation

You may download today's message here: God's Invitation to Salvation


  1. Potluck dinner and wedding shower for Greg and Emily next Saturday
  2. Fall Festival Schedule
  3. Men's Group moving to Tuesday here at 7pm
  4. Bible Club starting back up on Wednesday nights in September (10th)
  5. Youth Group is back September 11th on Thursday nights
  6. Wedding for Emily and Greg in September


  1. Greg's coming back
  2. Doyle boys had new buildings approved by county
  3. Jaxson's team had great game against Clearwater in football


  1. Bill, skin cancer
  2. Hannah, stage 4 cancer, 9 years old, in shoulder and spine, Crystal Green's daughter
  3. Parent at Belle Plaine, Mrs Ferris, has cancer throughout body