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One Man's Christian Heritage

You may download today's message here: One Man's Christian Heritage


  1. Men's Group Tuesday here at 7pm
  2. Bible Club Wednesday nights in September  at 6:30PM.  K-8 age group
  3. Youth Group Thursday nights at 6:30 PM
  4. Children's Christmas practice starting, includes adult parts, need 3 women and a man
  5. Hannah Green, benefit next week
  6. Nov 8th, pancake and sausage supper, check schedule
  7. Halloween, gather at 5, eat at 6, Barb's house


  1. New Baby Grand Piano


  1. Bill, skin cancer
  2. Hannah, stage 4 cancer, 9 years old, in shoulder and spine, Crystal Green's daughter
  3. Kaytlin has generalized seizure disorder. Prayers for no negative reactions. Having further testing done
  4. Fellow believers around the world facing difficult circumstances
  5. Maxine while travelling
  6. Adrianna, cancer, school age girl
  7. Dennis's family, his aunt passed away, funeral was last Friday


Psalm 94:14: For the Lord will not forsake his people;

    he will not abandon his heritage;