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Receive, Believe and Be Born Again!

You may download today's message here: Receive, Believe and Be Born Again!


  1. Men's group this week at 7 PM
  2. Kids4Truth, Wednesday, at 6:30 PM until 8
  3. Elder Meeting at 6:30 PM, Thursday
  4. January 13th, Deacon's Meeting, a Wednesday
  5. January 16th, Men's breakfast at 7, and Elder's Meeting
  6. Sunday, January 24th, church business meeting
  7. Sunday, January 31st, Lord's Supper


  1. God to be glorified in our nation
  2. Nathan Liggett - 16 year old brother of Jessica Clough
  3. Jeremiah - Cousin of Bonnie Burley
  4. Jacob Mansch, car wreck.  Was getting better but now back in the hospital in ICU.
  5. Maxine has had pneumonia.